Let the hot stones melt your tension away.

Hot stones used skillfully in massage gently soothe aching muscles, eliminate toxins and calm both your mind and body. 


A full body massage using only hot stones can be too much heat for the body, causing exhaustion and dehydration. But hot stones in specific areas, combined with massage with hands, can be a perfect combination and balance. 


Hot stones embrace you in their warmth and allow you to relax and let the tension just melt away.


I use hot stones as tools where they are specifically needed for you, without a set routine. They warm you to soothe and release tension in long, smooth penetrating strokes. They work brilliantly being tapped together on top of knots of tension to wake up, break up and scatter the rubbish in the tissue and let it go without being pokey and painful. They feel gorgeous hugging the contours of the body as well as penetrating deeply and stretching down the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs - everywhere!


The weight of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue allowing the muscles to relax four to five times faster and deeper than in a massage only using hands. 


The hot stones 

"compliment the massage in deep-seated tense and cold areas."

(Client feedback)


The warmth of the stones can be especially effective in helping cold-related conditions caused by poor circulationlike backache, osteoarthritis and other aches and pains. Many people need warmed, especially in the lower back and buttocks which are often cold. My training in Traditional Oriental Medicine pays close attention to your constitutional temperature and, because we live in a mostly cold, damp climate, the increase in blood flow brought by the warm oiled stones can be just what's needed to help your body feel so much better.


The sheer bliss and comfort of the hot stones in massage relieves stress and tension so much that most people drift off into a peaceful and restful sleep. 


For inflamed and hot conditions, as well as deep-seated tension that lingers after the hot stones, cold marble stones can work wonders. By gently introducing cold, where the body needs it, like on an overheated bursting headache or an injury site, the heat can be drawn out to encourage new circulation into the area to refresh and nourish it again. Like a breath of fresh air! Many people are amazed at how effective and pleasant the cold stones can be, when and where they really need them.


I always work with your individual needs and feedback at the time.  

Hot and Cold stone Massage at Jan Gray Aromatherapy

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