Slavic Massage for deep and delightful relaxation of mind & body

A Slavic massage encourages you to immediately switch off and relax from the stresses and strains of daily life by focusing your mind on the drizzling of warm oil on your body before indulging in the gorgeous aroma of essential oils, specifically blended to suit your individual needs. 


Slavic massage strokes have a hypnotic rhythm and flow, often from head to toe, which help induce deep relaxation, allowing the body, mind and spirit to calm and quieten. 


These movements pleasurably hug the body following the natural contours, like grooming a horse following the direction of its coat. Many of this massage style’s movements originate from the Slavic horse nations who depended on their horse for their transport and livelihood. 


Other firmer movements originate from the ballet, brought to us from the East. Before and after the physical exertion of performing, the dancer’s muscles would be massaged to warm them up and increase blood flow and the limbs stretched and lengthened to increase and ease movement. 


Slavic massage offers a delightful whole body treatment which allows you to switch off and let go so that you can completely relax and recharge. 


According to clients, it’s “Such a relaxing treatment,” “magnificent,” and, “wonderful!” My Scottish tutor was trained by the originator of this method, Jan Kusmeric, who is regarded as one of the world’s leading Aromatherapists


He can be seen on YouTube describing and showing this massage. Jan Kusmeric is also author of Liquid Sunshine, in which he shares the healing properties of Carrier Oils. I use this knowledge in my other styles of massage to meet your specific needs with a variety of carrier oils.


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A wee bit of light relief, a fun and fantastic poem composed by my wonderful son ~

After all life’s stresses and strains,

Don’t you want a chance to forget such pains?

Of course, who wouldn’t? Well, here’s the key:

It’s Slavic Massage, yes, you’ll see.

Through the warmth of drizzled oil,

Tensions of mind and body will uncoil;

Then rhythmic strokes along the body flow,

Relaxing all from head to toe;

While, all along, sweet aromas in the air,

Do lift you up and out from every care.

It’ll be an experience you can’t but help repeat,

And recommend to everyone you meet.

So don’t resist, no need to wait,

For what reason would you hesitate?

In days of old, it came from Slavs and Genghis Khan,

But you don’t need to go so far, just see Jan.


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Slavic Massage at Jan Gray Aromatherapy