Aromatic Meridian and Acupressure Massage

At the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy my tutor, Gabriel Mojay, married his background in Oriental medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu with his knowledge and experience in Aromatherapy to offer a unique approach combining Aromatherapy and Traditional Oriental Medicine together in massage.

Traditional Oriental Medicine is concerned with the body’s vital energy, known as Qi (pronounced “chee”), within the internal balance of Yin and Yang. 

Qi flows through the body within an invisible meridian network of 14 main channels, most named after the major organs of the body they travel through.  Each of these meridians has many reservoirs, known as Acupressure points, where the Qi can be stored and can also get stuck. Qi governs every process in the body. Its strength, equality and free flow is essential for optimum health and vitality. 

Yin and Yang are opposites in temperature, energy and function. They depend on one another and have their own essential roles within the body. Yin cools, moistens, relaxes and promotes sleep at night, whereas Yang warms, dries and provides the energy and stimulation needed for the day time. Ideally Yin and Yang should be in balance.

When any of the Qi, Yin or Yang becomes deficient or dominant it affects the whole system and can cause physical and emotional signs and symptoms. 

Essential oils are either Yin or Yang in relation to their temperature and effect. Essential oils also have an affinity to one or more meridians.  

During an initial consultation your physical and emotional signs and symptoms along with your requests, provide me with an insight into where there are imbalances in your Qi and Yin and/or Yang. The intention of your treatment is then to help your body, mind and spirit restore the balance they crave and constantly strive for. 

This is done through deeply relaxing massage along specific meridians, pausing on significant acupressure points with my palm, fingers or thumb with an appropriate and pleasurable blend of essential oils. 


Neck and shoulder tension is a common complaint and an excellent example of the Qi being stagnant and stuck in Traditional Oriental Medicine terms. This tension can be released by using a specific blend of essential oils to suit you, in massage along the meridians and on acupressure points in this area. This allows the neck and shoulders to let go and relax again. 

According to client feedback: 

“It really releases my muscles and eases the soreness that often builds up when I feel a bit strung out. My shoulders go back to where they should be instead of being up around my ears.”

Regularly clients report feeling: “more normal again” or “completely different to how I came in,” after experiencing the, “bliss,” of an aromatic meridian and acupressure massage.

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