Massage for People Living with Cancer

What seems marvellous about all massage for me, as I watch, feel and listen to how my clients react, is the wonderful opportunity it offers to stop and let the body, mind and spirit relax and naturally find the calm, quiet space within, without trying. 

This peaceful space seems even more precious when caught up in a physically and emotionally chaotic experience like cancer. A gentle relaxing massage can restore a sense of order and alleviate some of the symptoms often suffered during cancer treatment. 

A gentle massage with an appropriate blend of essential oils offers a blissful, “breathing space,” where aches and pains can ease, emotional turmoil can ebb and energy can be recharged. 

Research suggests that gentle, relaxing massage can alleviate the anxiety, pain and fatigue often suffered by people living with cancer. 

Having a massage before chemotherapy begins, or during it, can calm “butterflies” in an anxious tummy and lessen the nauseous effects of chemotherapy. Reducing anxiety can strengthen resilience. Pain is eased when the body, mind and spirit are given the chance to feel safe and comfortable enough to relax and let go. Massage, or even just laying the hands gently on specific areas for someone who is frail, can create this safe space. 

Properly adjusted massage during or immediately after a chemotherapy treatment can boost energy levels and lessen the fatigue commonly felt at this stage. When sleep is disturbed, massage can give a very welcome full night’s rest. 

I take a detailed history of an individual’s cancer treatment and any other health issues which provides a clear picture of adjustments to be made to the pressure used in the massage, any sites that need more care and suggests what positions may be most comfortable for the massage. A client’s own preferences ensure comfort. 

A properly adjusted massage takes account of the potential side effects of cancer treatments and respects the body’s need to piece itself together again gently. Adjusting the pressure is a major consideration. 

Thanks to being trained by Gayle MacDonald, an inspiring international expert from U.S.A in oncology massage and author of the marvellous, Medicine Hands, Massage Therapy for People with Cancer,  I am a Level 1 Iris Cancer Partnership Therapist. 

I am delighted and excited to offer Massage for People Living with Cancer in my peaceful and comfortable therapy room. 

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